Seattle Times advocates IRV

November 24, 2006

The Seattle Times has congratulated the voters of Pierce County for passing Charter Amendment 3 and voting to implement Instant Runoff Voting in place of the despised pick-a-party primary for county level officials. The editorial goes on to suggest the King County Charter Review Commission should put a similar measure on the ballot for consideration by King County voters.

The Times notes that Instant Runoff Voting would be a big improvement in how we elect our statewide officials as well as our state legislators. The state legislature should look for ways to help this reform come to full flower.


King County Charter Review Commission to consider IRV

November 23, 2006

King County will be reviewing its charter this coming year. Already some voters in King County are saying “Why can’t we get rid of the pick-a-party primary like Pierce County did?” Voters in King County will need to get out and testify in favor of replacing the pick-a-party primary with Instant Runoff Voting (IRV).

 The Seattle Weekly writes about the likely impact of Amendment 3 in Pierce County on the King County Charter Review Commission. Some King County officials are not quite certain they like IRV yet, but we all hope that as they study the benefits of IRV for our democracy, they will move towards supporting it.