State level legislation to leverage Amendment 3 in Pierce County

During the Yes on 3 campaign in Pierce County, a frequent comment was that Amendment 3 did not cover many offices and did not fully leverage the investment that Pierce County would have to make in IRV. In recognition of this idea, the Pierce County Charter Review Commission recommended to the County Council that if Amendment 3 passed, they should lobby the state legislature to allow the county to use IRV to elect the Prosecuting Attorney and judges using the same technology. The costs of voter education and software can be spread over more races, while the cost savings from eliminating a primary grow. This legislation should be a priority for Pierce County legislators.

The second logical leveraging of the Pierce County investment would be to allow local jurisdictions such as cities, school districts and park districts to elect their councils, boards and commissions using IRV with no primary. Once again, the expenses of voter education and software would not increase, but the savings from eliminating primaries grow.

With the passage of these two pieces of legislation, Amendment 3 can move to saving Pierce County money on a regular basis. A better election system with long term cost savings. A win for the voters, a win for the county taxpayers.


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